We at KingsHill understand the challenges facing international schools. It can be difficult to offer a wide range of subject choices for your students whilst juggling timetables and resources and when faced with teacher shortages.

Our CIE online courses for AS and A Level are an ideal compliment to your school’s traditional offering. Designed to mirror the structure of your school’s own curriculum, students can easily study one or more A Level subject online alongside their face-to-face instruction.

We offer the best of British education where students are taught by passionate A Level teachers with decades of experience. Our engaging and interactive online content is developed in-house by experienced British teachers and is underpinned by research in the areas of neuroscience, learning strategies and memory. The neuroscience techniques and tools that we have incorporated into our courses include retrieval practice, reflection and interleaved learning.  The use of technology in learning shifts the student-teacher relationship, giving our teachers the tools to recognise each student’s learning needs so they can provide focused, individualised support.

Each course follows the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) curriculum and are 1 year AS or 2 year A Level courses. They are designed to meet Cambridge International standards and to foster Cambridge learner attributes.

Our courses are structured so that international students can sit the AS exams at the end of the first year of study and the A Level exams at the end of the second year.  KingsHill Education’s CIE online courses are formally examined in same way as traditional courses, and our A Level students have the same status for university admission as students taught in a traditional school. Students will continue to sit their Cambridge AS and A Level exams in their own school setting.

Our learning platform allows a safe, monitored environment where all students’ learning and communication takes place.  All lessons, learning resources and recorded classes are saved on the platform so that students can access the entire curriculum at any time from any place. Teachers can easily examine and track student’s progress with information on their levels of engagement and grades on assignments.  The teachers will use these metrics to create term reports on every student which will be shared with your school.

Cambridge AS and A Level Economics

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Cambridge AS and A Level Physics

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