If you are interested in supplementing your school’s curriculum with our online AS and A Level courses, please contact us for enrolment information.  We can develop a bespoke quotation for your school to take advantage of our various discounts.

Tuition Fees & Discounts

AS and A Level Online Courses

  • September 2017 enrolments
  • February 2018 enrolments
  • Price for each student per course/year
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Intensive Practical Courses

  • Physics AS course
  • Physics A Level course
  • Price for each student per course/year
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Transfer Students (tuition + transfer fee)

  • Students registering after the closing date
  • Transfer fee covers the extra support and resources to bring transfer students up to pace
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We have a number of discounts available for early registration and for schools who enrol more than 5 students.  Schools can combine both of these discounts. Schools will be invoiced for the discounted fees after the closing date.


Early Registration Discount

Early Registration Discount (Students enrolled before the early registration deadline)

5% discount


Volume Discounts

5-10 enrolments

11-20 enrolments More than 20 enrolments
10% discount 15% discount

20% discount

To combine the early registration and volume discounts, named students must be registered by the early registration deadline.

Additional Information

Registration Deadlines

May exam sittings

  •  Early registration deadline- 16th June 2017
  • Course starts: 4th September 2017
  • Closing date (no more changes or registrations): 18th September 2017


November exam sittings

  • Early registration deadline- 24th November 2017
  • Course starts: 12th February 2018
  • Closing date (no more changes or registrations): 2nd March 2018


Transfer Students

We welcome transfer students onto our courses all year round.  Transfer students are any students who register for the courses after the closing date.  We charge an additional €600 transfer fee for these students (on top of the annual course tuition fees) to accommodate additional help and resources to bring student up to pace.

Please contact us directly to discuss each student individually.



Withdrawal Fees

There are no withdrawal fees if a Year 1 student withdraws from a course before the course start-date.


Withdrawal fees are charged when:

  • A student withdraws from the course between the start date and the closing date (€350 will be charged)
  • A student withdraws from the course after the closing date (the full year’s tuition fee with be charged)
Additional Fee Information
  • Tuition fees are applied per enrolled students, per academic year
  • Schools will be invoiced for all of their enrolled students after the closing date (discounts and withdrawal charges will be applied, where applicable)
  • Invoiced fees are payable 30 days from the invoice date
  • Fees are charged in Euro (€)
  • Tuition fees increase annually
  • Taxes required by local laws are applied
  • We do not apply an exam fee; all exam fees and exam administration are dealt with by the school

Academic Calendar

May/June exam sittings 2017-2019

Academic Calendar

Oct/Nov exam sittings 2018-2019

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