About AS and A Level Economics


Economics is the study of how to make the best use of scarce resources.  Economists look at how people, companies and governments behave and why they make certain decisions when allocating resources.  It is a social science that incorporates many subject areas including history, sociology, geography and psychology.

Students will study the fundamentals of economics including how supply, demand, scarcity and trends all affect price. They will also consider how the interplay between market factors and government intervention can influence employment, economic growth and inflation.  As A Level Economics students, they will learn how to use statistics and data to support their argument and how to analyse and discuss economic issues that affect our everyday lives.


How our Online A Level Economics Course works


Much like a traditional school, students are divided into classes and each class has a dedicated, experienced A Level teacher.  Classes are made up of approximately 15 students from international schools all around the world.

Each course follows the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) curriculum and are 1 year AS or 2 year A Level courses. These online courses have been developed by A Level teachers and examiners and are designed to meet Cambridge International standards and to foster Cambridge learner attributes.

Courses are formally examined in the same way as traditional courses, and online A Level students have the same status for university admission as students taught in the traditional face-to-face manner.

The course content is divided into weekly lessons guided by the online teacher.  Interactive, engaging material and activities are supplemented with live classes every week.  All materials and lessons are recorded and stored on our dedicated online platform and are available to view 24 hours a day.

Why Study Economics Online?


Taking our online AS or A Level Economics course will enable students to:
• Study a subject that may not be available to them in their existing school
• Be taught by exceptional, British-trained teachers who have decades of experience teaching and examining the A Level curriculum
• Access learning materials in a variety of media
• Learn at their own pace, in school or at home
• Study alongside students from all over the world, thereby developing a truly global economic perspective
• Become independent learners with essential critical thinking skills

Teaching Tools


• Timetabled live lessons every week via our virtual classroom technology
• Detailed written or video’d assignment feedback
• Discussions which are guided and monitored by the teacher to develop analytical thinking
• Collaborative assignments and peer activities
• One-to-one contact with teachers
• Activities designed to give instant & formative feedback

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