What We Do

KingsHill Education allows international schools all over the world to connect their students with excellent British teachers. Our online A Level courses are taught by passionate teachers with decades of experience teaching in the best British schools. By integrating KingsHill courses into your curriculum, your school can offer a greater variety of A Level subjects without timetabling and resource constraints.

Our engaging and interactive learning environment hosts a wide range of online AS and A Level courses developed by leaders in curriculum design and delivery. We have built on decades of experience and research into effective learning strategies to create a personalised learning pathway to success.

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We create a supportive structure for both students and schools to ensure that no student gets left behind. Our online A Level teachers and guidance counsellors empower each student to identify their career goals and reach their academic potential.

Our energetic school community and student collaboration means that students will have an international network of friends with whom they share ideas, get support and have fun. By training school-based coordinators, we will work in collaboration with your school to monitor each student’s progression.

Why Kingshill?


Extend & Enhance


Your school will be able to offer a greater variety of courses


You will no longer have to worry about timetable clashes or minimum class sizes


Your students will have access to British teachers with greater experience teaching and examining in the UK system who are trained to excel in online teaching


Your school and KingsHill work in collaboration to monitor students’ progress


Students who transfer into your school during the school year can quickly be brought up to speed


We have very small class sizes


Engage & Excel


You can accelerate your learning in areas of strength or receive extra attention in areas of weakness


You will be able to choose subjects that interest you and that will enhance your university and career options


Each of our courses come alive with engaging materials and interactive content


Our inspirational teachers are available to talk or to help with your study


Our lively community and many online clubs create an environment where many lasting friendships are made


We will support you through the university application process with expert guidance and guest speaker series

Online A Level Courses


Economics is the study of how to make the best use of scarce resources.  Economists look at how people, companies and governments behave and why they make certain decisions when allocating resources.  It is a social science that incorporates many subject areas including history, sociology, geography and psychology.


Physics is the study of how matter interacts and how the universe behaves.  Physics spans the range from sub-atomic particles to the largest galaxies and beyond.  Studying Physics at A Level is recommended for those who wish to pursue a degree in Engineering, Computer Science or Physics.

Our online A Level courses prepare students for the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Courses for other subjects and examination bodies are in development.

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